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10 MIND-BLOWING Video Game Theories!

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10 MIND-BLOWING Video Game Theories!

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Starr Dragon : Legend of Zelda: Link is Dead. At the end of Ocarina of Time, Link falls in a tree stump. Falling to his death. Because, In Majora's Mask The masks, also, The characters that show the 5 stages of grief, Are dead and they turn into statues in the end using the mask. Sorta like a memorial. And, A Creepypasta named BEN Drowned, BEN is a statue of Link just like the Masks. Like a memorial of Link's death. The 5 stages of Grief come into play as Link's acceptance to Navi leaving and he is now dead.
Sarah Vilhelmsen : I get easily freaked out, and at a lot of the games, I had to cover the screen. Not that impressive...
Kathy Fujiwara : You can't destroy my childhood. I already watch Game Theories!
Ruby Rose : Nice subliminal messaging in the background.
VeridianLoftwing : I always had my own theory about the "Mario Play/Show/Etc." theory. I always saw the games as a retelling of Mario's adventures, and all the sports and party spinoffs occur after some sort of gigantic event that calms tensions between the Mushroom and Bowser Kingdoms (Eh, somewhat). Think about it- many main games in the Mario series are told via media. Plays, shows, and books are dedicated to Mario's legendary exploits. I mean, if his exploits were real, why WOULDN'T someone want to cash in on the hero (or heroes, if you involve Luigi in the whole ordeal)? And notice how in the Mario Party/ Mario series Bowser causes little to no trouble, usually sticking to mild malicious intent. Even in one of the Mario Parties, Toad states that the whole conflict between Mario and Bowser is just a show. So, in my own version of this theory, all Mario games are retellings of the legendary exploits of the campaign of the Mushroom Kingdom v.s. Bowser, which was somehow brought to rest with a treaty... or something.
SososillyGirl : My childhood was fine... UNTIL YOU RUINED F***ING ANIMAL CROSSING FOR ME WHAT THE F***!!!!!
Alex M : I love animal crossing 😦 Me = Sad