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JoyceJoin : She's the best!
Bc siwar : That's perfect beyonce is a legend she is the best she always gives her 100 percent <33 even if she's sick or pregnant she's the best performer ever her voice her outfits her band her dancers everything... Everything is great 
Budy199 : +Beyonce Has Talent. 100% Women 99% Voz <3 I love U <3
Jemeia Mumford : The crowd got louder when her background dancers did what she did at 8:05. I have a question what's the red head girl name I always wanted to know and she's pretty.💛💋💕💝👍👏
Volition Spark : Why the need to "warn" people at the beginning? Beyonce is not a porn star. Nothing about her show is offensive. People are just ridiculous. 
Daniel Kim : The fact that beyonce is an illuminati is a ridiculous bullshit. nonsense ㅡㅡ
lolin11222 : What song is that at 47 minutes?
Dee Greer : If you noticed , she didn't have one wardrobe change , she had that specific too hide her pregnancy